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Planets, Mercies, & The Flow       惑星、慈愛、そして絶間ない流れ       Crossing, Minokamo, Japan

Vita Cochran, Violetta Del Conte-Race, Alana Wilson (Three Artists, Forms, Colours)       Reading Room, Melbourne, Australia

主題    Unframed       Kogei-Seika Craft Fair, Tokyo, Japan


Mirages      Photographed by Traianos Pakioufakis

Manifest      Australian Ceramics Triennale, PW1, Tasmania, Australia

The Supply Chain      Sophie Gannon Gallery, Melbourne, Australia

Undercover Brutalisme       Castor Fleuriste, Paris, France


Brut. Med.      Kinokuniya, Sydney, Australia

Ode      Crossing, Minokamo, Japan

Surface Revisions      Jam Factory, Adelaide, Australia

AW x Lee Mathews (site-specific)      LM Brisbane, Australia

Six Pacific II      Studio, Sydney, Australia


Summer Salon: Illuminations        Muck Floral, Auckland, New Zealand

T NYC        Floating Mountain, New York, USA

AW x Christopher Esber        for SS18, NYFW

Purity / 3017        VIA Galerie, Paris, France

Brutalist Meditations        Lee Mathews, Sydney, Australia

Cold Comforts        Sheffer Gallery, Sydney, Australia


Lilies of Forgiveness      C. Nichols Project, Los Angeles, USA

Summer Store         Sydney, Australia

Alien: Covenant        by Ridley Scott, for Fox Studios

House of Voltaire        Studio Voltaire, London, UK

Primavera (for Lee Mathews)        LM Showroom, Paris, France

Six Pacific        Photographic publication

Pot Plant        London Design Festival, London, UK

Six Young Artists        Walcha Gallery, Walcha, Australia

Return to Beauty        Edwina Corlette Gallery, Brisbane, Australia


Conditional Archaeology        Mr Kitly, Melbourne, Australia

The Vase Project (for Paloma Wool)        Barcelona, Spain

Compositions (for L.A)        Jasmin Shokrian Atelier, Los Angeles, USA

Terra Australis        Home@735 Gallery, Sydney, Australia

Turn Turn Turn        National Art School Gallery, Sydney, Australia

Primavera Composition        Chinaclay, Sydney, Australia

AW x GEORGIA ALICE        for Flowers SS16 presentation, Sydney, Australia

Ode / Pavilion II        Branch3D, Sydney, Australia

2011 - 2014

Ode / Pavilion        Chinaclay, Sydney

Aquatherapie        Home@735 Gallery, Sydney

Lux        Sabbia Gallery, Sydney

AW x GEORGIA ALICE        for Battenberg FW14 runway, Auckland, New Zealand

Cerebral Reef        National Art School Gallery, Sydney

The Terrible Boredom of Paradise        National Art School Gallery, Sydney