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“Think Of All The Threads That Bind Us”と題された映像作品と共に、見る者に、朽ちて崩れゆく様の美しさと時の経過を想起させます。

















私が伝統的な器の形へ寄せるOde(叙情詩・讃歌)は、永年変わらぬ器の気高さと、その第一の機能である実用性、容れ物であること への敬意を示しています。




Ode consists of 17 individual ceramic works, harmonising the utilitarianism, technical glaze experimentation, and conceptual intimations which I am consistently investigating.

A film entitled Think Of All The Threads That Bind Us is projected alongside the works, highlighting the beauty of decay and deterioration and acting as a reminder of the passage of time.


The forms remain at an intimate scale, referencing traditional and ancient utilitarian vessels to highlight the essential reverence of the origin of the vessel. Paperclay (both porcelain and terracotta) has been coiled, hand-worked and beaten into shape, whilst considering containment of space and a graceful balance to the final form. Edges have been flared, pinched and beaten. Rims of some are undulating and elegant, forming a wave-like sensation when encircled or spun.

The ever-inquisitive textural explorations are kindred to the rock pools, reefs and seascapes viewed from my studio in Sydney, Australia.


Vaporisation, flashing, oxide remnants, pin holing, pitting, and crazing all declare a chemical story of the subtle destructions that occur in the kiln. Firing to 1260ºC allows the metamorphosis of surface degradation to be captured, appearing to exist in a state of motion and decay, even once cooled.


Perforations and sgrafitto purposely deface the form or glaze, attesting to an ongoing questioning around the importance of change, decay and destruction - both in my work and in my life.

Embedded in the body of work is also a personal stream of connotations - alluding (in reverence) to the work of John Divola, Cy Twombly, contemporary rap lyrics, and a sense of gestural motion.


While the works are essentially contemplative, the ode to traditional form seeks to honour the enduring nobility of the vessel and it's foremost function - to hold or to carry. These quiet meditations into the beauty of the utilitarian attempt to captivate and impel the viewer beyond the physicality and functionality of the works.

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