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Passages is comprised of a series of tea bowls, fragmentary clay impressions, etchings and drawings that delicately represent a single excerpt of writing. An ongoing investigation into our own intimate mark-making forms a dialogue between the mediums of ceramics, drawing, and printmaking. The original passage which is evident throughout the works is only known by the artist, yet has acted as a wellspring to create many iterations.


I wanted to create a body of work that diligently focused on a single thought or idea; in this case, the surfaces of the tea bowls have been used as a catalyst to create many reiterations across mediums. There is a departure from textural glazed surfaces and an exploration into communication and mark-making - how they can be altered and abstracted through process - and the possibilities of the perceived meanings. I sought to depict something beyond the vessel archetype and open up channels of thought for the viewer beyond function.

The tea bowls have the faint glow of salt flashing and chromatic notes of titanium and tin alongside sensual graphite greys. Fragmentary impressions remove the possibility of total comprehension of the passage, focusing on what is evoked rather than stated. The works read as a sum of parts, incarnations of abstracted communications and repetitive forms, alluding to language, vocabulary, music and composition. The etchings are almost landscape-like renderings of the tea bowls, the inscriptions of the ceramic works laid flat and scroll-like on paper. 


The transitional nature between the many iterations feels like an encircling of an idea, yet read as an association with things that are beheld in the mind’s eye.

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