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Curated by Ed Davis


Cactus Store (LA), Gabriel Cole, Dean Edmonds Luc Fuller, Matlok Griffiths, Gemma Holt, Claire Hungerford & David Bordett, Serban Ionescu, Jaye Kim, Max Lamb, Zachary Leener, Mary MacDougall, Russell Maurice, Kevin Mccaughey, Masako Noguchi, Hassan Rahim, Devon Turnbull, Peter Shire, Sonya Sombreuil, Ricky Swallow, Sarah Ujmaia, Elise Grace Wilken, Alana Wilson

In ancient Mesopotamian civilisation, cylinder seals were characteristic artefacts used by everyone, from royals to slaves, as a means of authenticating identity in correspondence. In 'Smoke Scrolls & Cylinder Seals', abstracted characters are transferred from the seal to wet clay, rendering a delicate, paper-like wisp washed in red iron.

The initial markings on the 'Cylinder Seals' appear as singular gestures, yet they are rolled out and recorded like scrolls to allude to a passage of text - delicate, intimate iterations. Each 'Scroll & Cylinder Seal' pair embodies the cleansing and ancient ritual of burning incense, arriving at something grand through the intimate details.

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