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出品|アラーナ・ウィルソン(1989年生れ/陶/オーストラリア) 市川陽子(1985年生れ/漆皮/京都) 林志保(1984年生れ/陶/岐阜) 和田朋子(1986年生れ/ガラス・ミクストメディア/福岡)




Exhibits - Alana Wilson (born 1989 / ceramics / Australia) Yoko Ichikawa (born 1985 / lacquer skin / Kyoto) / Shimo Hayashi (born 1984 / ceramics / Gifu) Tomoko Wada (born 1986 / glass mixed media / Fukuoka).

Curated by Misa Kuromoto of Crossing Gallery (Minokamo, Japan).


The theme of the exhibition, Unframed, is the concept that Kuromoto has always advocated. Seeing "sculptures" beyond the existing framework. Extraordinary and everyday, impractical and practical, social and individual, old and new, art and craft, appreciation and possession-the sense of going back and forth between them. The artist's selection is the same as Kuromoto-san, and she intentionally introduces female artists born in the 1980s that do not have the influence of "living crafts".

Wilson's collection of vessels shown for Unframed elaborate on an ongoing exploration of utilitarian vessels, their foremost function, and an inherent respect for ceramics as a medium. The small scale of some of the small salt bowls and tea bowls allows fast and intuitive glaze experimentation to occur. Varying processes have been explored to create these pieces - wood firing, saggar firing, vapour flashing, sandblasting, salt deposits. Some pieces are essentially contemplative - non-functional, quiet meditations into the physicality and fragility of the world around us and its natural states.

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