Manifest at the Australian Ceramics Triennale


Curated by Damon Moon for The Australian Ceramics Triennale

MANIFEST, The Australian Ceramics Association Members Exhibition, presents a diverse collection of work representing the art, craft and design of contemporary Australian ceramics. Gathered from the Torres Strait to Tasmania, from the remote communities of the Central Desert to the major capital cities and made by artists at various stages in their careers, MANIFEST brings together a selection of the best of contemporary Australian ceramics.

The small collection of works (or nuances) seek to honour the nobility of the vessel and it's foremost function, encouraging contemplation of the utilitarian and their every-day object-hood. The works vary in form yet remain at a hand-held scale - the intimate size acting as a catalyst for closer inspection, revealing nuances in the surface degradations and fossilised remnants of salt and shells. 

Installation photographs by Alana Wilson. 

Catalogue photographs by Traianos Pakioufakis.