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Lilies of Forgiveness

by Régime des Fleurs


alana wilson, ceramics, regime des fleurs, los angeles, sydney
Alana Wilson, ceramics, regime des fleurs, la
alana wilson, ceramics, regime des fleurs, los angeles, sydney

Régime des Fleurs: Lilies of Forgiveness


Lilies of Forgiveness is a meditation on transcendence. In the European vocabulary of symbols, the lily has signified the purity and radiance of grace since the Middle Ages- figuring regularly in illuminations and paintings of The Annunciation and The Resurrection. For Lilies of Forgiveness,
 Régime des Fleurs commissioned objects and a soundscape from artists and placed these works along with arranged fresh flora within the gallery to a create a space which evokes the convergence of immateriality and visceral humanity.

One of Julian Hoeber’s glass and aluminum tables hold a set of Vessels by Alana Wilson. Wilson’s studio practice incorporates extensive research and experimental glazing to achieve textured and decaying surfaces. Specific ingredients are added to her glazes that encourage pitting, bubbling and a maturing of texture within the firing.

Peter Vickery’s Segmented Columns and his Hanging Vessel seem at first glance quite brutal, as they are made of concrete and steel wires. Shells and lighted crystals are embedded in the pieces, radiating light and providing softness to an otherwise brut object.

Placed on pedestals, Nevine Mahmoud’s Angle of Repose I and II are lilies carved of alabaster. Light diffused through the elegant pieces produce a shadow interplay and heightens the transcendent drama of the installation by Règime des Fleurs.

A soundscape, Lillies of Forgiveness by Louis Stephens embraces the installation with sounds meant to evoke thoughtful calm. His soundscape along with the installation of wonderfully scented lilies arranged by Règime des Fleurs affect transcendence for their concern through engaging the senses of scent and sound. All works were made by the artists in 2016.

Règime des Fleurs is a Los Angeles based luxury brand founded in 2013 by Alia Raza and Ezra Woods.

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