Sandblasted Bell Amphora


Photographic composite

Terracotta paper clay with reactive stoneware glazes.

30 x 13.5 x 13.5cm

Beaten CuO Halo Vessel


Photographic composite

Terracotta paper clay with beaten copper oxide halo, cobalt stoneware glaze and shell impressions.

30 x 15 x 15cm

Perforated Barium Ritual Vessel


Photographic composite

Terracotta paper clay with burnt umber stoneware glazes and barium wash.

27 x 10 x 10cm

Designwork 03 : The Supply Chain

Curated by Guy Keulemans

First coined in 1982, the term ‘supply chain’ is well recognised, but not very accurate.

The word ‘chain’ suggests a linear direction, a link from one location to the next, or a link from one material state to another. In truth, supply chains are not chains, but networks. Their links bifurcate and branch into many directions as their products are made and transported. The linear supply chain of any particular material is internetworked with the supply chains of the tools that shape it, the things that package it, and the vehicles or buildings that transport or house it.

This network model of the supply chain presents some challenges for satisfying contemporary consumer demand. Just for example, there is a clear emerging interest in vegan furniture and homeware products, but how can we be sure that not just the product itself, but every branch of a product’s supply chain network is free from animal products?

The contributors to Designwork #3 have enthusiastically engaged with research, mapping and evaluating supply chains both local and global. Their critical contributions illustrate how contemporary supply chains are complex, and how they are susceptible to breaking, or even causing catastrophe. And yet, they show how there are also strategies and alternatives that ameliorate such catastrophes, or otherwise exert a degree of control with the power to avert their contingency.

Guy Keulemans is a researcher and experimental designer at the University of New South Wales Faculty of Art and Design.

Designwork is a series of annual exhibitions dedicated to showing the best Australian design in a commercial gallery context. The series is presented as part of the NGV's Melbourne Design Week, a partnership with Creative Victoria.

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