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T: Exploration & Experience of the Tea Bowl

with Romy Northover


alana wilson, ceramics, tea bowl, new york, floating mountain, romy northover, tea, bowl, nyc

T: Exploration & Experience of the Teabowl


Primarily referencing ancient forms and traditions of the tea bowl and tea ceremony, the works investigate surface and form with an attempt to highlight the conceptual standing of the bowl as a physical and contemplative object. A cyclical nature is present within the works - the cycle of making the bowls both centripetally and as a repetitive form; the cycle of referencing history in order to create something new; the cycle of experiencing the works throughout the traditional Chinese dao cho tea ceremony, beginning with an empty bowl, to be filled, contemplated, consumed, and emptied again.

The ceremony is intended to be a shared and healing experience, carried out together but in silence. Both ceramic and glass works have been incorporated in order to explore surface, light, form, and material process with a handcrafted and contemporary treatment. Each piece varies in form and function, yet all hold something precious to be observed - the tea, the glaze, found natural objects or the conceptual and spiritual connotations drawn by the viewer.

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