The Terrible Boredom of Paradise


The Terrible Boredom of Paradise


The Terrible Boredom of Paradise is Alana Wilson's graduate body of work. The vessels have all been hand built to allow for qualities of the makers mark and imperfection to be evident. Oceanic cooking pots, Neolithic Chinese ceramics and pottery from the Jomon period in Japan were all sources of reference for form and primitive technique trials. Many vessels have rounded bases, sitting unevenly on a surface just as a lot of the old cooking pots would have been, made in a hole in the ground or cradled between sticks when cooking. The scale of White Lie, White Lie II and Night Air III all related to the scale of the human body, allowing the viewer and the vessels to be of similar volumes and presence within the gallery - slightly larger than something easily picked up by one person but not so large that it is seen monumental or overpowering to the viewer. This exploration and understanding of the the vessel and the viewer relate is a primary conceptual notion within the works.


The glazing technologies explored in the works incorporate a lot of experimentation of both application and firing techniques.  Sculptural and dry glazes have been tested and altered to build up layers of decay and surface texture. Reactive ingredients such as Silicon Carbide, Lithium Carbonate, Bone Ash and Lepidolite have been used alongside a chalky Magnesium Carbonate glaze of the artist's own creation. Many of the surface layers vaporise and erode within the firing, decaying both glazed surface and the clay body.

The Terrible Bordeom of Paradise also explores ideas of monotony, subtlety and anti-sentimentality through the use of colour, texture, repetition of forms, contrasting elements of display and context and how these all resonate within the viewers mind. "We see with our visual cortex, not our eyes. Our past experiences shape the exact way we see (perceive) things, even if we don't realise the subtlety/extremity of it." The artist looked closely at the neurology behind vision, experience of art and the ideals within art that are based to trick the human brain into something more profound. The writings and work of Donald Judd were a major source of reference and understanding of these theoretical explorations.

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