Six Pacific


Six Pacific


The Six Pacific vessels explore interpretations and experimentations of elemental erosion, the entropic process and the concept of impermanence.


Technical layering of local sand slips, oxide washes and stoneware glazes push the limits of the materials, resulting in surfaces that highlight the compositional changes undergone in the firing - the moment between order and disorder, completion and destruction.


These images depict miniscule details of the vessels surfaces, whilst the remainder of the form falls away and abstracts the connotation of form and function. Everything depicted has been sourced from the earth - the clay and glaze materials, layers of Tamarama sand slips, a raw porcelain backdrop with salt water cast across the vessels in the sunlight.




Six Pacific is an ode to my environment - Mackenzies, Tamarama and Bronte beaches in Sydney, Australia - and aims to accentuate the state of erosion, destruction and elemental exposure which will only continue to change over time.


The Six Pacific vessels were exhibitied for London Design Festival 2016 as part of Brompton Design District. 'Pot Plant' was curated by John Tebbs of The Garden Edit with florals by Simone Gooch of Fjura.

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