Purity / 3017


Purity / 3017


The Purity / 3017 works express a duality of refined form and singularity as well as a subtle progressive sensibility of materiality. The vessels seek to encourage an altered perception of ceramics - to see the vessels as something pure and complete on their own by embracing their emptiness and subtleties. The balance of atavistic and futuristic aesthetics is evident in the referencing of Ancient Cycladic vessels and Chinese Ritual Bronze forms, contrasting the experimental toxic surfaces and use of both ceramic and metal. 




Purity alludes to a sense of singularity and emptiness, trying to push the vessel to a state of emptiness where it exists with the potential to be filled, but does not need to be filled or functional to be complete. 3017 draws progressive connotations to the materiality of the works, the severe sheen and surface of metal details versus the neutral and natural textures of the ceramic. This abstract harmony aims to highlight anthropology and what has come before us, as well as questioning what lies ahead and how we can learn from being respectful and aware of our time here on Earth.


*Exhibited as part of Meet My Project during Paris Design Week 2017.

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