Primavera Composition


Primavera Composition


Primavera Composition incorporates selected forms and surfaces to delineate and harmonise ideas of composure, serenity, sublimity and lightness. The vessels have all been made within a six month period, although with no predetermined relationship to each other. The singular forms were of great importance, exploring an ultra-refined edge in the curves and angles of the silhouettes. The bases of the vessels leave an extremely light footprint, highlighting the negative space and balanced fragility of the forms.  



Within the composition the volumes and the negative space of light and air around them draw inspiration from the composure of ballet dancers and the feeling of lightness and flow within a space. A common thread in Wilson's work is to incorporate ideas of ancient, decayed surfaces against a contrast of contemporary display and light, subtle colours. The Primavera forms are much more refined, with the curves of each vessel carefully considered in order to produce a harmonious flow of lines within the silhouette.


"Resurrection is decay, then re-creation." 

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Primavera Composition (detail)