Ode / Pavilion





The Ode vessels sit together like a small army, born primarily as an ode to the light and loose sketches of Cy Twombly. Organic long-necked forms are layered with reactive slips and sheer washes to build up a light, subtle surface. Small additions of handles and lugs, engulfed by the glaze in the kiln, reference ancient Greek Amphorae discovered through marine archaeology. 




The Pavilion vessels explore a sense of brutalism and robust-ness, especially through the thoroughly worked surfaces of the works. Extra grog has been beaten into the clay prior to and during the making process. Along with this added body texture, reactive washes and sandy slips have been layered on to help build up the surfaces, brushed on very roughly with minimal consideration. References include the work of ceramicist Peter Voulkos, sculptor Sean Brian-McDonald, mid-century architecture by Mies van der Rohe and quarried stone. Many of these pieces have been fired multiple times to decay and destroy the surface as much as possible.

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Pavilion (Grogged Ceremonial Vessel)

Grogged terracotta paperclay with reactive wash and stoneware glaze. 8 x 15 x 15cm