Conditional Archaeology


Conditional Archaeology

(with florals by Phil Hyunh)


Conditional Archaeology is a collection of objects and artefacts, referencing specific cultures and the time they existed in history; reappropriated to exist harmoniously in the present, conditional to the viewer and the individual perceptions, values, understanding and consciousness that each person carries. The body of work explores concepts of history, presence, physicality, reality and aims to intersect the intuitive perceptual process, highlighting the importance of being and circumstance in the experiential process. 


Many of the forms reference and draw inspiration from Mycenaean vessels and Chinese ritual bronzes. The fluted and flaring silhouettes would have once been utilitarian vessels integrated into the daily rituals of everyday life, utilised in both physical and spiritual practices of the time. In both content and process, the physical and conceptual 




components of the works explore layering and history, and the various meanings and associations drawn from this. 


By reappropriating these forms and altering the environment of the time and place they exist in, the viewer's own experience and conditioning will determine their perceptive process and what they are willing to draw from a seemingly physical object. These vessels seek to mediate an experience of connection with humanity, with past and present cultural eidos as well as an individual awareness of physical space and personal being. The presence of floral elements serve as a "memento vivere" - a reminder to live - and aim to highlight the importance of the physicality and reality of the present moment whilst acting as an indication of measurable time and natural decay.

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