Compositions (for L.A)


Compositions (for L.A)


These compostions, presented in Los Angeles, California at the Jasmin Shokrian Atelier, explore concepts of placement, composure, relation between forms and complex glazing techniques. 


The compositions are primarily constructed with a common universal viewpoint (directly front-on). Relation of silhouette, colour and surface of one vessel to the immediate surroundings has been carefully considered, the composed structures read as both a collection of vessels as well as a composed image. Within this concept of viewing the compositions as flat images, references include Giorgio Morandi and Jude Rae still-life paintings, and subsequently the work of Gwyn Hanssen-Pigott.




Jasmin Shokrian is a luxury womenswear designer based in Los Angeles. Her background is in sculpture, painting and film, and her fashion work is known for its sculptural shapes, artistic influences, hand finishings and sense of sophisticated ease.


Shokrian and Wilson met via Instagram in 2014, instantly drawn to one anothers work. The ensuing collaboration includes the Compositions (for L.A) exhibition alongside the presentation of the Jasmin Shokrian's Fall 2015 collection, inspired by expressionist painter Paul Klee and performance artist Bas Jan Ader. 




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