Cerebral Reef


Cerebral Reef


Cerebral Reef is an exploration of the relationship between primitive ceramics and a contemporary cleanliness, through surface quality, colour and scale; simultaneously evolving a contemporary visual language and outlining aesthetic ideals of the artist early on in her career.


Cerebral Reef seeks to simultaneously create a boundary and form a harmonious unity between primitive and contemporary aesthetics. The title alludes to the extensive research, experimentation and creation of surface textures that lend themselves to ideas of decay, history, and time. In contrast to this, the works have been exhibited against stark and clean materials, forming compositions of order and uniformity not only to encourage a contemporary context but also to bring light to the contemporary ceramic technology involved in the development of the surfaces. 



Many forms reference prehistoric Colombian vessels from 1500-1000AD, evident in the closed symmetrical configurations with rounded or un-defined bases. The body and surface together combine elements of primitive, utilitarian vessels with biomorphic, futuristic silhouettes. 


Theoretically, many ideas explored in the works allude to the way in which the viewer connects to the vessels both physically and emotionally. The space between the artwork and the viewer and the translation and transmutation of the artists visual language were thoroughly researched and considered with this body of work. "The ideal only exists in the brain, and it has no existence without the brain. "Art furnishes us with the things themselves, but out of the inner life of the mind."

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