Brutalist Meditations



Brutalist Meditations


The Brutalist Meditations interrogate representations of physicality, materiality and the duality of function and aesthetics. Although varying in scale, the works all show evidence of the process and materials with a lack of concern to look comfortable or easy. Materials used include clay, XPS, polyurethane resin, plaster, gauze, ceramic, and nails. With an aim to depict truthfully the limitations of each material and a connection to communicating the work and process that has been invested in each form. 





The forms include sculptural works, plinths, a table, rock-like formations and vessels in order to embrace the concept of raw brutalism across both functional and non-functional realms. They are "modular elements forming masses representing specific functional zones, distinctly arcticulated as a unified whole." The emphasis on not masking the beauty of work, process or material encourages the viewer to inherit a similar approach to their thought processes beyond the works themselves. 


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Perforated standing shell & vessels